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        Our company since its inception, with the assistance from all the suppliers,customers and friends  ,the company has become stable, and achieved excellent results. Here, I, on behalf of all my colleagues, express my deep gratitude to you all from my heart!

        Shanghai Hua Hong is striving to be a company of integrity ,which is professional in optical communication business. Integrity is the foundation of our company. Professional, is the source of the development for our company. Professional means accurate understanding and judgment of the products. Therefore, the superb knowledge and objective and rigorous spirit of inquiry have always been our proud. Career advancement, always due to the confidence, profession and diligence , and many supportive customers. We sincerely thank our customers and suppliers for their support. Whenever and wherever, the whole company will spare no effort to do our work, and try our best to provide satisfying service to you all,in order to benefit us all. To all the friends seeing this,you are always welcome to our company.

        Focus on the customers : every organization depends on its customers. Therefore, each organization should always know what the customers need to meet the customers’ requirements and try to supply the customers with more. Leader Role: Leaders establish the unity of purpose and direction for the organization. They should create the internal environment and keep the staff  to participate and achieve organizational goals. Full participation: all levels of the Organization, only their full participation with their talents that can benefit the organization. Process approach: the related activities and resources are managed as a process that can more efficiently get the desired results. System approach to management: Identifying, understanding and management as the interrelated processes for the system contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of achieving its goals. Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement of the organization is  a eternal goal for the organization.   decision-making method based on the fact: Effective decisions are based on the analysis of data and information. Mutually beneficial supplying relations: organization and its suppliers are interdependent and mutually beneficial relations, which enhances the ability of creating value for both sides.

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